Team Building at the Cottage

Amanda helping Shannon

Ascension Health Management spent the weekend team building at the cottage. The unusual cool weather did not affect the mood and intent of the time together. The goal, to refresh our bodies and minds to continue to provide conscientious, supportive and insightful care, was accomplished .

Just Chillin’

We are an easy going, professional team that likes to have fun and values a family atmosphere. Kaz, Manager of Ascension Health III mimiced this goal. “It was nice to get together outside of work. It felt like a family gathering.”

Happy faces on a cool day
Happy, Relaxed Faces on a Cool Day

The hypnotic flames at the fireside and the crackling of the firewood were a welcome distraction from the normal daily routines. Heidey from Ascension Health II reflected, “I would definitely do it again, preferrable for a longer time! It was very refreshing and relaxing and calm. It was nice not having to constantly look at the clock and worry about time.”

Chasing away the cool air

Hopefully at our next gathering the weather will better support our outdoor adventures. In the meantime, our revitilized energy will carry us through to our next escapade.

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2 thoughts on “Team Building at the Cottage”

  1. I guess this goes to show “the delivery of care is enhanced when the caregivers feel cared for.” I’m glad your leadership has a vision for intentionally communicating appreciation.

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