New Baby Celebration

Baby Madison’s Party


All things pink and white, a new baby will be.

The joy, the smiles, the happiness,

We all cannot wait to see!!



When Trudy, one of our residents found out Nicole, support staff, was pregnant, she immediately asked if she could help plan a baby shower! With the collaboration and support of Management, a date was picked, a location chosen, an invitation list and menu created and decorations chosen.


Excitement filled the air on the day of the party! Family and friends gathered with enthusiasm on the snow covered sidewalks to celebrate with punch, snacks, activities and presents! Trudy, in a spirited voice, cheerfully stated, “It was so much fun to go to the party! I really enjoyed talking with Nicole’s family and visiting with other ladies that attended. My favorite food was the artichoke spinach dip!”


Creative activities created by Amanda Kohalisky perforated the chatter. Filling up the time capsule for new baby Madison to open on her 20th birthday was most joyful. First, everyone filled out cards stating their good wishes and dreams for Madison.  Second, the decorated treasure box was filled with the cards and toys. Lastly, the box was sealed with love.

The tree guest book was a second favorite. A beautiful tree carved from wood stood on a stand. Each person in attendance signed the leaf or branch. The tree will look great as a dresser accessory and will always remind baby Madison of all the love that surrounded her on that day!


Oh how excited we were to get a call from Amy Brott at 4:30 am on 2/21/18 to tell that Nicole was on her way to the hospital for delivery! A few hours later, we received an update that Baby Madison was born healthy and was doing well.

Congratulations Nicole! We cannot wait for Nicole to come back from maternity leave; but, wish her wonderful bonding time while she is away!




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