Can We Take The Zoo Monkey Home

John Ball Zoo Monkey

“Can we take the zoo monkey home?” Bill asked as he admired one of the animals at  John Ball Zoological Gardens. “Can we take the tiger home?” He asked a few minutes later. The residents each made their comments and smiles at the cute poses and animals they saw along the path.


Jeri enjoying the Funicular

At Ascension Health Homes, our goal is to provide warmhearted home environment for your loved one which gives peace of mind for you. This goal is partially accomplished by providing a variety of activities for our residents to socialize and enjoy the community.

Residents have the choice to participate in various weekly fun events such as going to the zoo, going to the park, picnicking, and attending adult daytime activity programs. Other individuals may choose to go with to the YMCA, create crafts, play cards and games, eat out or shop for items of their choice.

Our intent is to give each person that lives with us the same opportunities provided to the public; to give each person the opportunity to engage with others outside of the homes they live in with or without staff, depending on each person’s needs. We want each person to feel the excitement associated with doing something fun to increase their sense of well-being and self esteem.  The result is happy, fulfilled residents that feel valued and part of a family that care.


Heather Ready to picnic at the zoo

Staff and residents arrived at John Ball Zoo with picnic lunches packed and expectations of seeing their favorite animals. The day was sunny and bright to match the expressions on their face and the excitement in the air. Heather commented, “I feel a joyful energy from everyone that came.”

The Funicular was especially enjoyed to go to the back of the park. The slow ride resembled an old time train and gave us a pleasant view of the woods and landscape.

The animals were lively and prepared to display their wild tendencies. The monkeys played and picked at their skin. The tigers paced and growled. The penguins showed off their swimming skills. The parakeets chirped and landed on visitors that were still.

By the end of the day, all had sun-kissed cheeks, memories of entertainment and gifts of their choice from the store. Stay tuned for highlights of future events!


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  1. It certainly was a great day. My favorite part was when a resident pointed to a money and said,” look there’s my uncle.” The smiles and excitement on their faces makes the effort so worth it. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

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