A Cauldron of Fall Fun

A cauldron of fall fun, franken-tastic the residents would say! Life was certainly boo-tterific this afternoon!

Potions, Sweets and a Hero

Cool air and leaves swirled around outside while grinning guests enjoyed the fun autumn activities. Shannon Miller, crafter of the festival, offered “magic wands” to each person present. The paint brushes, circled the air, as each artist revealed their creativity on wooden fall plaques.

Enter Spider Woman, Amanda Kohalisky, one of the characters of the Ball!  Is she the hero of the day or a sinister villain in disguise? The residents seemed to ponder this question as she passed out the potion of apple cider laced with cinnamon.

As they contemplated the quandry,  Kaz Irwin enchanted them with apple slices and a distraction of cookies to decorate with frosting and tasty treats! She coaxed them to taste the brew. Is she a loyal friend or a fateful foe?

Tentatively, they all tasted the brew and seemed to exclaim with revealing smiles and happy goosebumps on their arms, “A hero of the day is she. A loyal friend she will remain!”

Neither creepy nor frightful, neither spooky nor fearsome ghouls nor goblins, could ruin this cauldron of fun day!

Some Guests of the Ball
Spider Woman, hero or villain?
Gary showing happy grins and goosebumps



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    1. Because of wonderful, motivated employees like yourself, we can continue to offer fun options for our residents to enjoy!! You are very appreciated!

    1. Thank you for your comment. We will continue to constantly strive to offer a wide selection of activities to make a difference in your Dad’s life!

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