Cookies, Cocoa and Presents

Cookies, cocoa and presents all danced in the residents heads, while expectantly waiting for the festivities to begin. The room was crowded, the chatter was loud, excitement and smiles were exchanged by all.

The holiday party planned by Amy, Manager of Ascension Health, focused on our goal of providing a warm-hearted and fun environment for your loved ones. While sipping delicious hot chocolate, the chill of the outside air disappeared and the focus turned to the delight of decorating cookies to their liking. Residents and respite guests from Ascension Health, Ascension Health II and Ascension Health III joined together to embellish sugar cookies with multi-colored frosting choices and different types of sprinkles. Of course, many tasted their creations!

Soon after, the focus turned to what was under the tree! With child-like anticipation, each resident reached for their gift. Comments such as, “I love this!!”, “This is the best!”, It’s my favorite scent!”, “Look what I got!”, permeated the room. Many exchanged glances and comments of what they received. Others sat contently as they absorbed the cheerful environment.

After some time, the lighthearted, fun fulled day came to an end with well wishes to all and visions of many more fun times to come.




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