Amanda-What She Does Matters


What Director of Operations Amanda does, matters. How she leads the staff team, enables Ascension Health Homes to provide a warm hearted environment for our residents. A master of balancing strong leadership and considerate care, today we focus on her strategies and successes. We ultimately will learn how Amanda creates and retains a team of compassionate, honest individuals with serving hearts.


Finding life’s passion and direction is challenging for some. In Amanda’s case, her destiny took shape at age 13. Multiple aunts which were either nurses or caregivers set the example Amanda follows. “I noticed when I went to where they worked, how much they were admired.  They connected at a personal level and developed trust and a bond with the people they cared for. I could tell the individuals felt safe in their hands and very well cared for. I found I naturally had similar traits to connect and bond to people that needed support.”

“These inherent skills were revealed when I cared for an adult female with many limitations during my summer breaks. I observed her at first. Slowly, when she recognized I was there to help her, she began to trust me.  I was able to teach her new skills and could see great satisfaction on her face when we tried new things like going into the community. I found I really enjoyed exploring and expanding her horizons and limits. As I look back on it now, I understand why I look for staff that are innate problem solvers, patient, persistent and creative when working with residents. It makes it easier to provide conscientious care when staff have these traits.”


Built in traits are a start to creating and retaining a magnificent staff team; but, Amanda takes it one step further. “Our employees need to be in the industry for the right reasons. We will not hire people that “just need a paycheck”. Providing care is something they need to love and enjoy as a career.”

Since our population includes the aged, we expect that residents needs will change over time. Amanda states, “Adaptable, flexible staff that can accept change is the key to our success. I meet weekly with each Manager to discuss not only the ongoing needs of the residents; but, also their personal goals and dreams for the future. We work together to challenge their personal growth so they do not get bored. I truly believe a person that does not find fulfillment in what they do, will leave to find something else. Creating a roadmap of success where strengths are identified leave a person feeling more valued and useful. When a person feels valued and useful, they are a better employee.”


“To  maintain a well-oiled machine that is efficient, effective and powerful.” Amanda states easily. “We work together to continually refine each of their capabilities. When we do this, our staff’s job is less overwhelming. As security is developed in their skills, staff becomes less fearful of continuing to learn. I want to continue to develop our current staff’s capabilities, move them into new roles as their skills develop, and groom new employees to be their best.”

As the Owner of Ascension Health Homes, I enjoyed revealing why Amanda is successful as a Director of Operations. Amanda’s focus on how she creates and retains the staff team is steeped with solid leadership skills and a drive to develop the staff’s abilities. We are very proud of the team we have developed and look forward to continuing to develop the team with new employees. Anyone interested in applying can visit Employment Opportunities and Click to Apply at the bottom of the page.

4 thoughts on “Amanda-What She Does Matters”

  1. Amanda is a great leader and a fine example to her staff. She takes the time to listen to their concerns and finds ways to help correct those concerns. As an employee you always want to do your best for the company because you know your company leaders are always doing their best for you.

  2. Thank you so much. I feel very gifted to work on such an amazing team. Where have the ability to utilize my skills and fulfill my passion of making a difference.

  3. It’s easy to see that the owner has a big heart to care so much to offer great activities and outings and improve the quality of life of the residents. A rare trait not found in most assisted living facilities.

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