Ascension Health Homes

Happiness and well-being require a comfortable living area as well as loving care when help is necessary.

Our homes are licensed through the State of Michigan with a special certification to care for the aged, mentally and physically challenged population. They are furnished to provide a relaxed environment. However, you are welcome to personalize your home to reflect the unique style of your loved one, using your own furniture, decoration and memories.

Home-cooked meals are served to meet the dietary needs of our residents. Weekly activities provide the opportunity to socialize and enjoy the community. Whether it be meals, activities or daily care, our residents get exactly the care they want and need.

Services for all residents of our facility

  • Calm, clean and safe environment
  • Insightful, well trained staff that can be trusted
  • High quality of life where you can feel engaged and inspired to be as independent as possible
  • Private or shared rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy socializing or relaxing
  • Home cooked meals three times a day with a bedtime snack
  • Weekly activities and events such as participation at Senior Activity Centers, shopping, picnics, visits to YMCA and local restaurants
  • Laundry service
  • Household and cleaning services

Detailed information about our current home offerings is outlined below. We would love to hear from you and welcome questions and scheduled tours. Contact Us for further information.

Ascension Health I

  • All male home
  • Semi-private and private rooms
  • Indoor ramp access via garage
  • Comfortable, active environment
  • Front patio
  • Backyard patio
  • Fenced yard
  • Weekly activities
  • Staff on-site 24/7

A beautiful home located directly across the street from our Ascension Health III home.  Wheelchair and walker accessible with an indoor ramp in the garage. There is a front patio where residents can enjoy the front yard while watching the neighborhood activities. Residents enjoy activities weekly such as local restaurants and the YMCA.

Ascension Health II

  • All female home
  • Private & semi-private rooms
  • Indoor ramp access via garage
  • Comfortable, active environment
  • Front & back patios
  • Community activities & amenities
  • Staff on-site 24/7

Ascension Health II provides a comfortable and active environment. There is both a front patio and back patio where residents can enjoy the outdoors, the beautiful landscaping and backyard porch garden! Bi-weekly residents enjoy community activities such as the Meijer Gardens, local restaurants and local shopping. There is 24/7 on-site staff.

Ascension Health III

  • All female home
  • Private & semi-private rooms
  • Relaxing, casual living environment
  • River view
  • Three season porch with deck
  • Front deck
  • Ramp accommodation
  • Staff on-site 24/7
  • Local senior activities

Ascension Health III is a beautiful, comfortable home located along the Plaster River. The backyard three season porch and deck offer a peaceful park-like setting for residents to enjoy. Residents also enjoy a deck on the front of the house where they can watch the neighborhood activities.  Weekly residents enjoy the option to participate at local Senior Activity programs. There is 24/7 on-site staff.