Heidey Merryman honored at 5 year Careversary celebration

Heidey Merryman was recently honored at a 5 year careversary celebration! In honor of her dedication, Ascension Health Homes celebrated with staff and residents at a surprise party! In an industry where the average caregiver turnover rate is 82%, it is a priveledge to shine a light on her committment.

Nadine Carlson, Owner reflects on what makes her special and an expert in her field.

“Heidey is a strong woman specializing in her field of caregiving. She takes on every situation, no matter how difficult. She is always dependable, timely and excels at creating a routine that her resident’s enjoy. In fact, when people visit they comment it is obvious all the resident’s feel very safe and loved. I am very thankful to have Heidey as part of the team!”

What she loves about managing and providing care

During the careversary celebration Heidey also reflected on what she loves about her job. “Knowing my residents depend on me to keep them safe and to take care of their needs brings me great joy. As a matter of fact, it is not about making money, it is about taking care of my people to the best of my ability.”

She adds, “Ascension Health II is laid back and family oriented. We make our days fun by shopping or having visitors or just enjoying staying at home. It really makes my day to see their smiles and hear their laughter.”

Heidey with her residents at the Careversary

What makes Ascension Health Homes different than other employers?

“We are very team and family oriented. Management gives advice to overcome challenges and they back me up when it is necessary. To me, it is very hard to find a company these days that has the support system of Ascension Health Homes.”

She adds, “My team, including my support staff, work very hard to do the best for our residents, our company and our homes. That is why we are such a great team, because we all care for our people and we always do the best we can to support them. “

In conclusion, it is a pleasure to focus on Heidey’s 5 years of Caregiving with Ascension Health Homes! We look forward to celebrating many more Careversaries! Contact us to become part of our team. We hire caregivers that love improving the quality of life of seniors and adults.

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